Top 20 Fatties and Trolls of Burlesque in Albuquerque

I’m an expert. Ok. This list isn’t biased at all.

Here we go in no particular order..

20. Adam Brown

adam brown

He’s not a burlesque dancer. He just wanted to be on the list.


19. Tony Travis

tony travis

Burlesque Noir’s choreographer. Sometimes he performs. Dude is such a troll he is straight up trying to drag a girl off the stage to take her to his cave to carve her to bits and wear her face like a mask.


18. Paige Star Savage

paige star savage

You don’t see Paige a lot. She is usually hiding under a bridge or cleaning up stuff. But she is there. Lurking.  Fun Fact: Paige only has eight fingers and toes and I have seen her eat a horse.


17. Riri SynCyr


She’s the Mayor of Chubbytown for chrissakes. She bakes incredible snacks out of the blood of innocent children.


16. Kitty Irreverent


She’s done stuff in town. Something about the Southwest Burlesque Showcase and I think she scared Dita Von Teese once while at Burlesque Hall of Fame. Who cares. Titties.


15. Moe Pex


I think he goes to the gym. I can’t really tell. He is the newest boylesker in Burlesque Noir and he will be making his stage debut this weekend. He’ll probably do a stupid push up or something.

14. Mickey Nuggets

mickey nuggets

Hoot hoot. Cluck cluck. The fresh, young and tender and full of trans-fats. Mickey Nuggets is another one of Burlesque Noir’s trolls. He is actually 1,000 years old.


13. Rex Starchild

rex broken glass photography

Oooooooh girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl. Rex Starchild  of Burlesque Noir is everyone’s favorite dead boy. His performances are nothing but him rotting onstage and stinking up the place with his decaying stench.


12. Shelley Sequinz


Ladies and gents this is Shelley Sequinz of Burlesque Noir.  The rapper of the troupe in her birthday suit. She sings songs to lure men into her lair where she keeps them there as a pet.


11. Machina Tigre


A member of Burlesque Noir’s elite fattie/troll travel team. I wrote you a poem Machina.

Fattie fattie fat

Please don’t eat my cat.


10.Lottie LaRouge


Newest member of Burlesque Noir. Something something tits something something. Lottie is probably really intelligent and looks like she would be amazing to have mind blowing conversations with. But who cares, tits.


9. Annie O’Roar


Annie O’Roar of Burlesque Noir has a nasty habit of stealing babies and seducing wives. She plays with snakes,magic, fringe and whiskey. Something something legs and tits.


8.Mischa Misschief


Mischa is apart of the fattie/troll Burlesque Noir travel team. A practicing Satanist , she frequently bathes in the blood of the innocents while consuming mass quantities of Jameson whiskey. That’s how she gets that healthy glow.


7. Joy Coy


“Joy Coy is a member of Burlesque Noir. She often gives hauntingly beautiful performances of the classic theater style. “ Travel team member, Joy Coy is not allowed in the sunlight or else she will turn to stone.


6. Mary Jane Monroe


“Mary Jane Monroe is another of Burlesque Noir’s standouts. On stage she is like a classic 1950s pin-up come to life. She pours her heart and soul into every second she is on stage and has a smile as wide as The Sandia’s. “ Another travel team member of Burlesque Noir. She carries rocks in her pockets so she can throw them at people.


5. Don Schrader

don schrader

I mean, come on.


4. Doutelle


She’s not from Albuquerque but who gives a shit. She’s from Santa Fe with Zircus Erotique. She has an act where she is a troll ,which there are no pictures of. On that note, bitch has no bad pictures. You need to work on that.

3. Holly Rebelle


Troll. Or a drag queen. Or an award winning soloist ,leader of an award winning troupe and co-producer of the Southwest Burlesque Festival. Hmm. Nope. Holly Rebelle is a troll.

2. General Blackery

cake troll mam'zelle hepzibah

Feed me your children.

1. This Bitch

fattietroll it’s a gif

A novel could be wrote about this bitch’s performances, but to keep it short here are the thee most important things you need to know:

Jesus. Christians. Glitter.


Be sure to catch most of these fatties and trolls at the Launchpad this SATURDAY NIGHT! Burlesque Noir Presents:DIVAS


Starring Cora Vette from Denver, CO
Saturday, December 14th
Doors 8 pm
Performances by:
The VaVaVettes (Denver, CO)
Holly Rebelle
Joy Coy
Mary Jane Monroe
Mickey Nuggets
General Blackery
Lottie LaRouge
Shelley Sequinz
Rex Starchild
Machina Tigre
Moe Pex
Mischa Misschief

Photos without watermarks are by Evil M West. Annie O’Roars photo by Trout Imagery. General Blackery photo by Mam’zelle Hepzibah.

Here I Go Here I Go Here I Go Again

Girl! What’s my weakness? MEN!!

A Brotherhood even.

A Brotherhood of Burlesque at that!!!


Ladies and Gentlemen, the sexy, the talented, the hardcore lovers off all things pleasure, The Brotherhood of Burlesque,  are coming to Albuquerque this motherfucking weekend to get this town pregnant.

1005433_393543257424422_430397918_nPhoto by Broken Glass Photography

Unf. You are going to get all of that up in your face and other wet bits not once but TWICE this weekend as they headline the Ecdysiast’s Exclusive at the Cell. eeswbi 

Yes Burlesque Noir is going to be there. Yes we will be getting pregnant. You’re welcome.


Get your tickets now. $13.00. Do it now because this show will sell out and you don’t want to be a loser pants that sat home and watched re-runs of Saturday Night Live or some shit.

NM/CO Family


The Burlesque Noir mobile gangsta party is headed up north,tomorrow,  to our second home Colorado Springs ,Colorado for my birthday show. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW YEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!


It’s the best present ever. I get to hang out and be entertained by some mighty talented and beautiful folks. This is a good one kids. Don’t miss it if you are in the Springs. Peaks and Pasties throw one hell of a show!




Soooo St. Louis and Austin Texas will be coming to Albuquerque and performing Saturday night.

No biggie. It’s just two of the TOP industry performers from St. Louis, Lola Van Ella and Sammich the Tramp are headlining the Southwest Burlesque Invitational.

Lola_van_Ella_and_Sammy_Tramp_Photo taken from the Southwest Burlesque  Invitational website.

Also headlining will be  the amazing, sexy, talented, mind-blowing The Jigglewatts ( Coco Lectric, Ruby Joule, Goldie Candela, & Jolie Goodnight) from Austin, Tx.

jwgroupanniecolor4Photo taken from the Southwest Burlesque Invitational website.

No biggie.


I will be performing my Catwoman piece I loving call  “Eartha Kitt Realness”.

P1120234Photo by Ian Flude from Burlesque Noir’s Till Death Do Us Part 7/26/13

Burlesque Noir will be performing our classy and sassy Sing Sing Sing number.

SSS COBF13Photo by Broken Glass Photography at the 4th Annual Colorado Burlesque Festival.

You get all of that and sooooooo much more for the low low price of $13.00 if you buy online RIGHT NOW! Tickets are zooming as we speak. So, go to it Man!

See you on the other side!

Upcoming Events

In tonight’s special edition of “Upcoming Events”, the part of General Blackery will be played by a monkey.


Oh yeah, the 4th Annual Colorado Burlesque Festival happened. I fed people pancakes and got tequila flavored(?) condoms. Oh and had a wonderfully nasty nude photo-shoot with the ladies of Burlesque Noir and the gents from Colorado Springs Brotherhood of Burlesque. Please direct your attention to this NSFW website. Anthony Graham is a fantastic photographer so please check out his work and buy ALL THE PHOTOS!



This Sunday Sunday SUNDAY @ 2:30 Bump Grind and Werk It!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, this Sunday, I teach, once again. Come learn how to bump, grind, shimmy and werk, with me, General Blackery. Sign up now!


Coming at you Saturday July 26th!! Burlesque Noir & Joykiller Productions Presents: Til Death Do Us Part


Come celebrate that wonderful institution of titties! A show about love, lust, and good old fashioned bumping and grinding!

Featuring your favorite Dirty Rotten Showgirls and Boys of Burlesque Noir:

Holly Rebelle
General Blackery
Mary Jane Monroe
Machina Tigre
Joy Coy
Annie O’Roar
Mischa Misschief
Rex Starchild
Mickey Nuggets
Shelley Sequinz
Katana Jade
Oliver Dreams

Special performances by:

Mena Domina (Zircus Erotique)
Zmeya Dali (Black Widow Cabal)
Austin Tacious (Sons of Perdition)
Doutelle (Zircus Erotique)
Malificent Allure (Gilded Cage Burlesk & Variete)
Match Stickmon
Evergreen Eriks (Sons of Perdition)

With Xavier Wyntir, Lexie James, and Curvy Q

Welcoming Seattle based photographer Steve Groves and video by Mega Ultra Studios

$10 presale
$15 at the door

This is a 21+ event.
Flyer by Signal One Three Media!




Shenanigans will ensue after the show.

So that rounds out July. Coming up in August,  PRIDE & Equality magazine presents The 2nd Annual Très Chic Hair and Fashion Show Fundraiser

 Burlesque Noir will be performing with some major major headliners!Image

Last year we introduced a hair and fashion experience and we are back for a second year. Welcome to the 2nd Annual Trés Chic Hair and Fashion Show Fundraiser presented by PRIDE & Equality magazine, inspired by Vincent R. Johnson, creator of Creme De La Do. Très Chic is a fashion and hair show benefiting HIV/AIDS organizations Southwest C.A.R.E. Center and International AIDS Empowerment. Our runway show will feature statewide salons and clothing stores including E Salon & Spa, Pin it Up Hair Studio, Inspire Hair Salon and D’Ambrosio Designs.

This year’s headliner is Coco Montrese of Rupaul’s Drag Race.

This year’s event is hosted by Actor, Dancer, Singer and one half of the “Pit Crew” on Rupaul’s Drag Race, Jason J. Carter and Radio Celebrity Donnie Chase of 100.3 The Peak.

Sponsored by PRIDE & Equality magazine, Andrew Christian, and Graphicbliss

Friday, August 9, 2013
Kiva Auditorium

$25 per person

$35 per person (at the door or at

$250 VIP Tables – 12 VIP 4-top tables available near the stage and runway (includes hors d’oeuvres and cash bar –

Cash Bar available and vendors on hand to share their businesses with you.

For more information, visit or call (505) 450-4706.


 August 24th

Southwest Burlesque Invitational


The Producers of the Southwest Burlesque Showcacse are pleased to present, The Southwest Burlesque Invitational!


Godiva Bleu
Rick O’Shea
Mena Domina
Zmeya Dali & Austin Tacious
Mary Jane Monroe
Jezzebel Sin Claire
General Blackery
Joy Coy
Annie O’Roar
RiRi SynCyr
Burlesque Noir
Holly Rebelle

With Special Guests:

The Jigglewatts, from Austin, TX featuring; Coco Lectric, Ruby Joule, Jolie Goodnight and Goldie Candella

Lola Van Ella & Sammich The Tramp from St. Louis, MO

ONE NIGHT ONLY! August 24th @ The South Broadway Cultural Center
Doors at 7pm Show @ 8pm

18+ / Bar with Proper ID

Tickets are $13.00, on sale now through HOLD MY TICKET!


Long post was long.

In short, teaching class Sunday July 21st at 2:30, show at Launchpad July 26th, show at the Kiva August 9th, show at the Southwest Broadway Cultural Center August 24th.




Upcoming Events

What it do mother fuckers?

It’s Wednesday night ( my Friday) so that means I am going to blow your FEED UP!

Hold to your panties as I take you on a magical journey that beings this Saturday and ends…NEVER BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Saturday July 6thImageTHIS.THIS IS IMPORTANT!

Burlesque Noir brings you another JAM packed Burlesque show full of lovely beauties from all over Albuquerque!! Come spend your evening with us!

The night’s festivities include Burlesque performances, Bands, and A HUGE raffle benefiting the Burlesque Noir Traveling Team of 2013!!

Burlesque Noir will be performing in the Main Event during the weekend of Colorado Burlesque Festival 2013! Help send ABQ Burlesque to national events!! Raffle tickets $5

7:30 Doors and Burlesque Show starts promptly at 8PM; $10

Bands include Albuquerque’s own Funk Sensation…
Punk Rock tunes by
Fire to the Rescue

3 hours of Burlesque and 3 EMCEES:
Cherry Jubilee, Mike”Dirty” Del Rio, and Paris A Gogo

Burlesque Noir Travelling Team
Holly Rebelle
Malificent Allure
Joy Coy
Miss Behavin’
Mercy Just Mercy
Lacy Le Rouge
Dirty Deeds Burlesque
Perla Foxx
Katana Jade
General Blackery
Machina Tigre
Scar Letta
Mischa Mischief
Mary Jane Monroe
Annie O’roar
Shelley Sequinz
Oliver Dreems
Rex Starchild
More performers TBA

RAFFLE TICKETS ON SALE NOW! Contact the ladies of Burlesque Noir to purchase some or call 505 615-4248.

$50 Hair Addiction Certificate
$50 Free Radicals Gift Certificate
Burly Tickets
1Hour Shiatsu Massage
Kuchi Jewerlry
1 Hour Photo-shoot with Steven Ziff
$25 Avon Gift Basket
The Library Bar and Grill GC
Burly Classes

Get on that shit. See you this weekend Loves.


Welcome Back. It’s the Post Burlesque Hall of Fame Post


I finally have my wits about me to give you a quick run down of my first experience at the Burlesque Hall of Fame that happened last weekend in Las Vegas.

  • This was a mighty exhausting but mind blowing experience.
  • The acts that were great were phenomenal.
  • The acts that were bad were down right terrible.
  • Seeing Lou Lou D’vil’s award winning act and seeing her be crowned the 2013 reigning queen of burlesque was absolutely stunning/amazing/fantastic/surreal
  • Seeing Ray Gunn perform and take the crown as king of burlesque moved me
  • Seeing Roxi D’Lite perform her cyr wheel act just about blew my mind and I can’t function properly because of it. IT’S ALL I THINK ABOUT!!!
  • Sharing the stage with my best friend in a touching and fucking bad ass tribute number to Sparkly Devil, along with Tigger! and Jo Boobs was also a surreal/fantastic/mind blowing experience. THANK YOU THANK YOU!
  • Walking past Dita Von Teese and Catherine D’Lish backstage was just…I can’t form words to describe that surreal/awkward moment

It really feels surreal and I have moments of ” did that really just happen?”

I’m exhausted. My mind and my bank account are wiped but it was worth it. I learned so much. I saw so many people I look up to and got to hang out and party with amazing people that I am happy to call friends. Till next year!


Quick post.


I survived the Show Me Burlesque and Vaudeville Festival in St, Louis. Them fuckers can throw down and know how to put on a show.

Right now I am furiously packing to jet off to Las Vegas for my first ever Burlesque Hall of Fame. I’m super stocked and I’m going with the best friends/guides/muses a showgirl could ask for,  Kitty Irreverent and Holly Rebelle.

The best way to get a glimpse is to follow my twitters, Facebook and Instagram posts.

Oh look here they are!




Lots of shady shit from Show Me was posted on instagram and facebook, so you know, get on that.

Here’s some hashtags too: #bhof13 #burlesquehall  #dirtyrottenshowgirls #shadyshit #whatwouldnomimalonedo #bestworstbehavior

I’m sure there will be others.

Stayed tuned for upcoming events in June. More classes.More shows. More cars. More hoes.

Upcoming Events

Holy shit snacks. I haven’t posted since last year. Ooops. I guess I really have been busy and I’m only getting busier. Here’s what is coming up in my world.

Friday April 5th 2013

Burlesque Noir is teaching classes with the NM Burlesque Academy and we are hosting Ladies Night Out parties. Our first party is this Friday.

Spend an evening letting loose with friends and getting to know your inner burlesque dancer! The evening includes:
2 hour class taught by Holly Rebelle on using a feather boa
snacks and refreshments
goody bag with pasties,Topstick and other treats!
Please wear comfortable form fitting clothes, like what you might wear to a yoga class, and bring a pair of high heeled shoes. Women 21 and over are welcome and no previous dance training is needed — just a desire to have fun!
Price: $50 (this price includes your own feather boa that you will be able to take home!)
Sign up at

- click the link for Ladies Night Out!

If you have ever wanted to take a quick shimmy at burlesque now is your chance. Feel free to pass this info around to any interested ladies you know!


Saturday April 6th 2013


circus of sinI’ll be hosting. Burlesque Noir’s own Mary Jane Monroe will be making a guest appearance. I also have tickets that I am selling. Come get them from me. 


Saturday April 27th 2013

PRIDE & Equality Magazine Presents the Fierce Singles Party

Celebrating the first annual Fierce Singles Issue (March-April 2013), PRIDE & Equality magazine invites you to meet the community’s most eligible singles at what is sure to be the fiercest event of the year.
PRIDE & Equality magazine presents The Fierce Singles Party on Saturday, April 27, 2013 at 7pm at Hotel Andaluz Downtown – 125 2nd Street Northwest. The Casablanca Room will be headquarters to the hottest singles in the GLBT community, along with the hottest music to dance the night away. The Singles Auction will be held to benefit N’MPower. Appetizers will be served and a cash bar will be available.
The night will be hosted by comedian, writer and Celebrity Ambassador of Great Face and Body, Lucas Corvatta.
Tickets are $25 – 21 and older. Sponsored by PRIDE & Equality magazine and Hotel Andaluz.
This year’s Fierce Singles are:
Alfredo Urbina
Curtis Billie
Jesus Zapata
Marcos Sedillo
Jason Shanley
Leon P. Zambrano
Candace Faye Lucero
Angela Hernandez
Minimum bid starting at $10 and the highest winning bid gets FIRST CHOICE on which dinner and after-dinner activity you and your date will do! Tickets are on sale now at

.I’ll be taking it off and entertaining this hot party. Come check it out!


Friday May 3rd 2013

Zircus Erotique Burlesque Company
Presents "Cinco De Mayhem"
Burlesque Show
May 3, 2013
Zircus Erotique Burlesque Company presents
"Cinco De Mayhem"
will take place Friday, May 3rd at The Lodge in Santa Fe. This event is a burlesque show to kick off Cinco de Mayo weekend.
Special Guest:
Armitage Shanks, the Carny Preacher!
Zircus Erotique Burlesque Company, Santa Fe, NM- Doutelle, Mena Domina, Nyree Nyx, Tawdry Rugburn, Lola Brown
featuring guests:
Gilded Cage Burlesk, Albuquerque, NM – Vivian MirAnn, LezMerize
Burlesque Noir, Albuquerque, NM – Holly Rebelle, General Blackery
IntoxiKate – Albuquerque, NM
Godiva Blue – Albuquerque,NM
RiRi SynCyr – Albuquerque, NM
And More!
"This is the return of our 2nd annual "Cinco De Mayhem " burlesque show. It kicks of Cinco de Mayo weekend with a night full of crazy, raunchy and ridiculous burlesque and performance! You can expect to see some unexpected and less than traditional burlesque. This is not your night of classic fan dance and gracefully moving sparkled dancers ………This is CINCO DE MAYHEM!!! "
Ticket and Show Information
Friday, May 3, 2013:
Burlesque Show;
The Lodge Santa Fe 750 North St. Francis Dr. Santa Fe, NM
Doors open at 8 P.M., show starts at 9 P.M.
Tickets are $15 General Seating and $20 V.I.P.
This is an 18 and up event
Advance Tickets are available atHYPERLINK "


cinco de mayhem2


Later in May I’ll be jetting off to St. Louis with Burlesque Noir for the Show-Me Burlesque Festival.

Following that I’ll be in Colorado for the 4th Annual Colorado Burlesque Festival.

Save the date for July 26th. Burlesque Noir has a show in the works to make the summer even hotter.

Somewhere in there I’ll be teaching my Bump Grind and Werk It class with NM Burlesque Academy.  Oooh you know you wanna get that coochie sweat!



Fuuuccccccckkkk I’m busy!